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Prior to the Start of the Program

We actively soliciting problems that are aligned with the goals of the E(I) Lab, with the focus broadly related to an aspect of improving health/healthcare. If you know of any problems that you would like to have solved, please contact us. We especially encourage submission from those who directly interface with patients across the entire spectrum of healthcare, such as nurses, EMTs, physicians, pharmacists, physical therapists, etc., as well as from patients themselves!

Next Steps

Apply today to join us today! Our deep dive will allow you to meet new people, as well as learn how to be audacious and dynamic while engaging in the experiential learning to understand the entrepreneurial mindset.  (Even our most die-hard introverts have said this was a great program for them to try something new in the space of entrepreneurship and innovation.  Allow yourself to be amazed at your own transformation!)


The Entrepreneurial Mindset

Teams will immediately begin to develop their prototypes as well as undertake the customer discovery process to help ensure that the proposed innovations do indeed address needs in the marketplace. It is entirely possible that the proposed innovation does not work or there is no marketplace for the proposed product; each team must learn how to quickly pivot and either re-develop the proposed product, or shift the focus to a different problem.

During our time together, we’ll teach you how to build your confidence to take risks, be resilient in the face of failure, learn and grow from the experience, and persevere until your personal vision becomes a reality. Our expectation is that before the workshop is over, each team will have successfully developed a minimum viable product.

Before we close the program, all teams will make a final presentation to an esteemed panel made up of industry leaders within our entrepreneurial ecosystem.  This is not a product pitch, but a process pitch, to share the arc of your learning.  We have seen these presentations be filled with energy, excitement, and the competition is fierce!